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We guide people to cultivate harmony and peace within themselves, with others, and with all of creation through insight-based programs open to all, especially people with limited resources.

Contemplative Stillness, Heartfelt Outreach

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Contemplative Stillness, Heartfelt Outreach

‘Tis the season to be holy – wholly thoughtful as we journey the days of winter. Such a mix of joy and pain to BE in a mode of gestating, of tending to the ever-birthing richness of our truest selves. How tender, grace-filled, and holy.

Together, let us hold the joys and pains of our times in contemplative stillness and heartfelt outreach as humanity evolves into greater consciousness, awareness, and blessed connectedness.

We are the change we seek, one loving choice at a time.

To life and love, Sue Artone-Fricke

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