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Summer Day and Weeds!

Posted by on Jun 21, 2017 in Reflections | Comments Off on Summer Day and Weeds!

Summer Day and Weeds!

Ah, the fullness of flowering of a summer day! Sunshine, flowers, grasses, trees, bees and birds….  I’m pondering all of these lovely aspects, and along comes the awareness that the weeds also grow prolifically in the summer, as do the mosquitos, wasps, spiders and all sorts of undesirables.  As a Type One on the Enneagram, I am one who will look out over a beautiful meadow of flowers and let my focus rest on the weeds!

But, ah, what if even the weeds are part of the beauty of summer? A Type 9 friend of mine used to point out how much she admired weeds.  “Look how clever they are!  They disguise themselves to look like familiar flowers so you won’t pull them up.  They’re just trying to live, too!”  It’s true, of course, and I am grateful for her perspective (I marvel at it, even as I yank out another thistle!).  But I also have come to understand that even these “negative/not right” things play a role in the evolution of our planet and selves.  Jesus noticed this also when he wrote, “Don’t pull the weeds—you may pull up the good seed with them.  Let them grow up alongside the wheat until harvest time….”  He’s not giving gardening tips but is suggesting that the seeming negative—if eradicated—might disrupt the rest of the needed growth.

There are more shootings and bombings going on these days, and we humans are quick to judge and separate out the “bad ones.” I’m not suggesting that a person who throws a bomb or kills another with a gun should be exonerated.  I wonder about our ongoing “gardening” habits of our humanity.  How can we allow the weeds to grow alongside so that we all get to where we need to be—together?  How can I marvel at the ingenuity of those I don’t like and let them teach me something new about life?  May the fullness of each summer day—flowers and weeds—greet you and transform you to a deeper sense of our most lovely—and weed-filled—universe.

Patty Podhaisky

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