A soft place to land, support amid chaos

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A friend sent an e-mail inviting me to attend a Soul Spring group that would be reading the book EMERGENCE by Barbara Marx Hubbard together. Though I was not familiar with the author and her philosophies, I am always interested in broadening and deepening my spiritual perspective, so I signed up. I received more than I could have ever hoped for! The book and the material itself was rich and inspiring. Group process is always ripe with insight, but with Sue’s (our facilitator) enthusiasm and compassion (for our often tired and very weary from the work day selves) we quickly grew to love our calming Tuesday night sanctuary. So much have we grown to love this process, we are continuing past the allotted time for who knows how long? To me, that says volumes about the power of the intention set forth in these groups, to cultivate harmony and peace within and with others. I highly recommend these programs if you need a spiritual “reminder”, a soft place to land, support in the midst of chaos, a quiet place inside of you for re-charging or a sundry other ways of saying “honoring our essence”; then give yourself this gift! -Terri D.