About Soul Spring

Soul Spring offers workshops, programs, and one-on-one sessions for people seeking personal and spiritual growth in order to make positive contributions of self to the community and world around them. Through insight-based programs we focus on individuals’ core qualities and offer ways for people to nurture their multidimensional selves. Soul Spring aims for its programs to be affordable and open to all, with tuitions that are subject to each person’s ability to pay or not.


Sue Artone-Fricke

Sue Artone-Fricke is passionate about life and committed to companioning people to come into their true, authentic selves. A lifelong learner, Sue has worked with the Enneagram since 1984. She has also studied theology, conscious evolution, life-enhancing communication, HeartMath©, and Emergence©.

She holds degrees in professional accounting and nonprofit management, both of which guided her in serving her community of 30+ years, Sisters of St. Francis, as chief financial officer for 17 of those years. She plays guitar and enjoys music, reading, cooking, walking, camping, animals, and learning.

For many years people have asked Sue and her Franciscan Sisters to share processes of spirituality, personal growth, and communal living that have worked for their community. Soul Spring is a response to that desire. She co-founded Soul Spring in 2014 with Franciscan Sister Patty Podhaisky to provide insight-based programs for people who long for more meaningful lives and healthy connections with others.


Patty Podhaisky

Patty_Podhaisky_BioImg_CRPatty has been on a quest for meaning her entire life.  Growing up as one of eight siblings, she has been intrigued by differences and by interconnectivity.  She loves to laugh, to jog, to play games, to golf, and to create new meaning from seeming opposites.

Patty has been a Sister of St. Francis for over 30 years. During that time she taught in high schools and in adult education programs.  She served as the community’s vocation director and assisted many in their discernment process.  She provided counseling and spiritual direction to individuals.  She also lived in Brazil for three years to learn Portuguese.

Patty has earned degrees in Education, Spanish, Theology and most recently Counseling.  She is in private practice as a psychotherapist, especially drawn to assisting individual adults and children in their healing and whole-making process (finding meaning in seeming opposites).  She practices depth approaches (Carl Jung’s appreciation of symbols and growth in consciousness), along with EMDR, a brain-based therapy that heals the core of all trauma.  She has found it a tremendous joy and privilege to companion others in their healing process.


Board of Directors

Paul Alexander ~ Regis University, Director of Institute on the Common Good
Sue Artone-Fricke ~ Soul Spring, Presenter
Mary MartinMPB Counseling Center, Licensed Professional Counselor
Cathy Mueller ~ Sisters of Loretto, Consultant
Patty Podhaisky ~ Crescence Counseling, Private Practice; Soul Spring, Presenter
Cassie Wright ~ Urban Ventures LLC, Project Manager