Spring Transformations

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Spring Transformations

Blessings of joy and peace as you experience the glorious renewal of life around us – the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful – in a symphony of harmonious and dissonant sights and sounds arising from the stillness of winter.

Our world is full of ongoing transformations and the emergence of ever-new life in and around us, whether or not we are ready for any of it. We can live creatively with the transforming tensions, tending the waiting with awareness, nurturing, and hope, or we can fall prey to despair. Oh, for the grace to choose hope!

We pray you wisdom and grace to nurture yourself and others during any tensions you may be experiencing from transitions in our world and in your own life. Let us tend to these transforming times with joyful hope for the new life that is budding.

To life and love from your Soul Sisters.

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